Thursday, February 21, 2008

I did this sketch just last night. once again done purely digital with no paper.

Funny, back in art school, full of idealist mentality, i swore to the gods of all things pure; that I would never become a digital artist. It'd be fun to go back to those days and torment myself. That would be wicked fun. It's funny the idiotic ideals you eventually set aside, in favor of making the best art you can. That ideal, I think, in regards to picture making, is the only ideal that will hold true and stand the test of time...summarized "i will do what it takes to make the best, most appealing, most meaningful pictures i am capable of." Beware the blanket statement of the young zealot.(what about the old zealots? i hear you answer, one must respect ones elders)



Ian Navarro said...

Hey, What's up!!:)It's good to hear from you, how you doin?

I've just been workin, nothin too much going on with me. Like you guys I got table for the con, I'm just gonna be selling prints and toys.

Its gonna be nice to see you guys again, and I can't wait to see your comic:)

- Ian

p.s. I linked you to my blogspot.

DK-Chris said...

I really love this image, the white outline on the black strip really brings out the character.